one Telephone

When I was writing Telephone, I listened on repeat to O Superman by Laurie Anderson. It’s a song which conjures memories of watching it on Top Of The Pops as a kid with my dad, who loved it. So it opens a door in my head to my family home. And there’s something cosmic in… Continue reading one Telephone

Jimmy Stewart… in cabaret

These recordings of my piece Jimmy Stewart, An Anthropologist From Mars, Analyses Love And Happiness In Humans (And Rabbits) were made for a cabaret curated by a friend in Los Angeles who had previously seen and loved the show in the UK. I recorded some extracts of Jimmy Stewart… on my phone and emailed them… Continue reading Jimmy Stewart… in cabaret

Make Believe by Jimmy Stewart

Originally delivered in 2010 as a short provocation to Wonderlab, curated by the late great Hide & Seek. Hello, I’m Tassos Stevens. I’m a co-director and runner of Coney, an agency making play where it’s all about you, founded on principles of adventure, loveliness and reciprocity, amongst others. But I am not here to talk… Continue reading Make Believe by Jimmy Stewart

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The experience of an event

originally posted to my old blog in 2011 It’s become somewhat of a cliché for me to say this – get it in Bullshit Bingo any time I’m doing any kind of public speaking – but I’ve been owing a post on the origins of this to Andrew Haydon for nearly a year now. So… Continue reading The experience of an event

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A piece in three hinged parts: two stories to tell, a game for us to play. An inexplicable vision. A quest for a jedi. An angel on a cliff top. I don’t know but I guess it’s all about faith. • A piece combining storytelling and play, needing only a big room and at least… Continue reading Triptych