I’ve a repertoire of live storytelling pieces, ranging from the prose poem of Jimmy Stewart… to more informal tales, always told with the people in the room with me: storytelling is an inherently interactive form, even/especially when you can make space for the audience’s own reflected stories.

JIMMY STEWART, AN ANTHROPOLOGIST FROM MARS, ANALYSES LOVE AND HAPPINESS IN HUMANS (AND RABBITS) is about a Martian trying to understand love. I’ve performed it over 100 times in living-rooms, theatres, bars, festivals from Dublin to Melbourne, and other spaces including the Jimmy Stewart Memorial Library in his hometown of Indiana, Pennsylvania. It’s available to book for living-rooms.

Here are reviews of Jimmy Stewart… by Maddy Costa and the Irish Examiner.

Here are two audio excerpts from a special version of Jimmy Stewart… commissioned by Aleks Krotoski.

TRIPTYCH is about grief, fortune-telling, and faith. It’s performed in a place of faith or anywhere which feels like a church. It’s available to book for appropriate venues.

TELEPHONE is a personal and universal history of telecommunications, about connection across space and time, made in the first lockdown and told over zoom in a gesture of connecting audiences who are strangers at distance. It’s available to book for online performance.

Here’s a review of Telephone by Miriam Gillinson in The Guardian.

Here’s a story of one magical performance.

THE COST OF LOVE was a short story told in a true stories night curated by Haley McGee.

Here’s a recording from the night.